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Popular YA Resources

I use popular YA titles in my high school classroom in a variety of ways.  My favorites are to offer popular YA titles as free-reads, Book Club Bundles, Literature Circles, and whole unit plans.  My YA titles dependably capture the interest of both my strong and reluctant readers alike!  They're always a win!

Book Club Bundles

Have you ever struggled to effectively and efficiently manage independent reading?

For years, I struggled with executing Book Clubs in my high school English classes.  I had trouble keeping students accountable, and too many were able to “fake” completion.  I couldn’t effectively track my students’ reading targets or comprehension because they all had different books with different reading timelines.  Another issue with keeping students accountable was the fact that I hadn’t read most of the free-reading books they chose.  I had to assess the students’ reading by assigning book reports.  I felt defeated every time I read a plagiarized book report (which was more often than I’d like to admit).


My Book Clubs were not doing what I wanted them to do, so I imagined a new format that would increase student engagement, reduce faking and plagiarism, and save my time overseeing it all!

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