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Teachers love famous author collaborative posters as a way to encourage students' creative expression while showing what they have learned through research. More and more, teachers are turning to alternative assessments such as these that allow for students to demonstrate authentic learning.  (This is especially important to bypass the AI writing that is available today.)


This collaborative poster is of famous American author, F. Scott Fitzgerald. I assign it after my students finish reading The Great Gatsby. My students love the chance to work together, show off their creativity, and compete for the best one! They sometimes use these collaborative posters to enhance their Roaring Twenties presentations, and I choose special ones to display on our English department's bulletin board.


The process is simple:

  • Print the three pages of the poster on a standard printer for 8.5 x 11" paper.

  • Students color the images and fill in the supplemental graphics.

  • Tape the three sheets together in order.

  • Now, your poster is ready for display!

You will receive a zip folder containing three .jpeg files. Each file is one page of the three-page poster. The pages are clearly labeled.


The poster contains fine-line images to color. (I recommend using colored pencils for best results.) Zelda and Scottie are included, too! The poster also contains a title box for a quotation or student names, the author's name, boxes for famous quotations, a timeline, a notecard, a passport, a The Great Gatsby book cover to color, and books to label. Your students get to showcase their creativity and their knowledge of Fitzgerald!


Some teachers assign this poster to accompany research on the Roaring Twenties or the Lost Generation. (History teachers can use this, too!) Some teachers give this poster as an alternative assessment or a tool for differentiated instruction. Mostly, teachers use it for fun!


Once your students finish their posters, I'd love to see their work! Please tag your photos #moncreativeclassrooms. (I'm on InstagramTikTok, and Facebook!) I'd love to feature your students' work in my feeds, and if you'll be entered for freebies and giveaways!


If you have any questions about this product, or if you need help using this product, please email, and I'll be happy to help you.

Thanks for trusting Hello, Friday! by Meredith O'Neill to enhance your English curriculum with creative projects and fun activities!

Be sure to check out these free The Great Gatsby audio reviews to use in class or post to your online classrooms.


*Note that this collaborative poster is for single classroom use only. Use is for the purchaser of the product, and files are for private use only; no commercial use is allowed. ©Meredith O'Neill 2023 All Rights Reserved

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